This will be an interesting blog post to write, and hopefully to read. I will do a short meditation before writing here, and see what comes up. I am writing about the process as well as the insights, feelings, intuition, and guidance that I have received or am receiving regarding living in Mexico.

When I created the navigation tabs above and included this one....the tabs just came to me easily, including the major highlights of my initial journey; arriving in Mexico City and then off to Guanajuato. These tab titles were just received and flowed from my mind easily.

We tend to live in our conscious analysis of facts and details and rational decision making every day. Yet when it comes to the subtle side of life, that is always there, yet not often perceived, we may not always be in touch with what is being presented, offered, gifted, and revealed from deep within. For a conscious, mindful, and spiritual lifestyle, it would seem that this is a given.

So in my spiritual practice, I include meditation and consider it essential to tapping into the depths of spirit, and being open to receiving whatever is offered or is being released. I have to admit that this particular blog post - Feelings-Intuition-Guidance - is not just that - I have not yet perfected the exclusive realm of that without some logic, rationale, and mental gymnastics that does not include feelings, intuition and guidance...yet this is an attempt....and an intention.....and so it is.

I cannot recall the exact moment when I received the idea of moving to Mexico, however I know that it was powerful enough to grow from an idea into a focused, exciting, and welcomed opportunity in this journey of life. I seemed to know this deeply as if it is a sort of destiny, a leap of faith, and a pilgrimage. The idea of a pilgrimage came to me intuitively, and the fact that a pilgrimage does not only need to be to a specific sacred site, shrine, or event. It can be ongoing, 24/7, and occur every moment, even while sleeping. And so it is or can be or will be. It is an interesting concept that invites mindfulness all the time. Conscious choices, moment by moment to be love, be in gratitude, and be one with everything that is happening.

My feelings are in a full range of creating new experiences and letting go of living in Denver. Not knowing if and when I will return. Missing the friendships cultivated here, yet knowing that communication will still go on.

Letting Go or How to Lose Everything to Gain Everything....(really? I said that ?) 
I am selling most everything in my apartment, and going nomad. Which means that all that I own will be in a 70lb bag and a carry on, except those things that I ship to my son for storage. Furniture, books, and all things will be sold or donated. When I cleared off one bookcase of books, after giving some away to friends, and took them to Goodwill, it was a letting go, and I really felt the effects of the process for the next couple of days. I needed to share it with some special friends. Then I cleared off the other bookcase, setting aside those books that I want to keep, but filling boxes with all the others. Books are an emotional part of my life. The stories, the author's thoughts and feelings in between the lines, the memories associated with the book, and the colorful array of titles sitting on the bookshelves as a personal library. I also have books on my Kindle app, and ebooks are definitely the way to go when traveling. The experience of letting go of the books is just a foreshadow of letting go of most all the other things in my apartment. These feelings of letting go are a part of the process of moving and yet two and a half years ago I moved to Denver with a U-Haul trailer  full of furniture, and stuff and a car being towed behind. Now much of that is being let go...a desk, a dresser, bookshelves, 12 string guitar that I just sold last night to a fellow choir member, knowing that uplifting songs will be played on it and using the funds towards a laptop computer needed for the journey. Music lives within me, and I play the guitar and piano by ear, yet sporadically, not consistently. I love to listen to music, and it seems that there is a sacred song or chant always playing in my soul, in stereo.

Here's a very nice quote that I just saw on Facebook.. "Just hold onto this: The more you get rid of the more room you make for new people, experiences, adventure, magic in your life. This letting go stuff has long term deep effects, experiencing it right now. So many new adventures, beautiful people, feels bountiful....trust in the process, in Life"

Letting In

With all of this letting go what am I letting in? It seems that I already have been letting in an opening up to more intuition, and subtle guidance that brought all of this about. Today, October 20th 2017, at the time of this writing (of this section of the blog at 6:30am) is an important meeting at the Mexican Consulate office here in Denver. I am applying for a temporary residence visa which will allow me to live in Mexico for up to four years. I am letting in the possibility of this being an easier process than anticipated, and also giving 60 days notice on vacating this apartment. I was granted the visa, had a nice color stamp in my passport and need to go to an immigration office in Mexico to get an offical ID card, which will allow me to live there for up to four years.

I am letting in the joy of being free from such a costly overhead of expenses, of living free in Mexico and exploring new areas, meeting new people, learning Spanish, and having the beautiful support of Spirit always with me, wherever I am. May the Divine Spirit and entities of Light from all realms that support this process be with me also. I am not traveling alone.

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