I lived in Guanajuato from January 6 2018 until May 5th 2018. During that time I also visited San Miguel de Allende. I have since moved from Guanajuato to San Miguel de Allende (5/5/18) and I know that I was and am in the right place at the right time. My journey in Mexico is not a planned vacation. It is a new way of life, a leap of faith, and an exciting adventure-journey that I am also sharing with other expats that have moved here, or are visiting. The following are some notes and thoughts about my stay here. Guanajuato is a special city to visit, away from the tourist towns and resorts. There is a lot of authenticity and culture here. One of the best "takeaways" that I have from Guanajuato are some new friends who are Mexican and locals who live there. When I go back to Guanajuato I will visit them, and keep the connection, as I feel that they are an important part of my journey here.

Jesús Cardiel
July 12 2018 blog post:
Deep Roots - A History of Guanajuato by Jesús Cardiel
This is a recorded interview that I did in May 2018 with  Jesús Cardiel, a resident of Guanajuato, friend, and master massage therapist, whose family roots go deep here. His mother's family has lived in Guanajuato for two hundred and thirty years, and on his father's side one hundred and ninety years. Stories have been passed down through generations. This history of Guanajuato combines some stories about his family as well as some history of the city. full story >

May 3 2018 - early am
It was a quiet, peaceful morning in Guanajuato today. Birds singing, roosters waking up. A dog barking. Until the extraordinary explosions from fireworks started, very loud as usual except more than usual. Even the roosters were taken back. Church bells ringing more than usual. Perhaps cinco de mayo is being celebrated starting a day early. Now suddenly it got very quiet. What's next? Welcome to the early morning sounds of Guanajuato, where some parties are loud at 4am for only an hour then quiet down. Where life seems to be part of an ongoing fiesta culture. The fireworks going off for any reason and maybe no reason. Loud fireworks just went off again and the church bells keep ringing.This is Guanajuato. This is Mexico. and I love it here.
(permission to use above photo by Edgar Alonso Montoya)

April 29 2018
Link to post - A Sunday Morning Walk in Guanajuato 

I will always have some roots here as my first city that I lived in when I moved to Mexico. During the full moon last night (4/28/18) I was outside on the rooftop veranda with a panoramic view of the city. I was reflecting on my time here, my experiences, and the people that I have met. I know many of the places in town that are not only the tourist sites, but also some of the residential areas, many of which involve a steep climb up stairs and narrow alleys. The culture here, including murals on the walls, taxi drivers, mercado-markets, local people, expats, musicians and mariachis, restaurant owners, vendors, students, and the local residents all combine to create an ongoing adventure of discovery. Some of my favorite places here are Cafe Tal, Los Campos restaurante, Mezcalaria Infiel, Ophelia restaurante, Gene Byron music concerts, Cafe Zipolote in Plaza Mexiamora, Museo Don Quixote, the Jardin, Plaza de la Paz and the Basilica, Tulum restaurante,  Mercado Hildago, Plaza Barantillo, and small stores and shops too numerous to name.

I enjoyed living in two separate houses during my stay in Guanajuato - a large casa as well as with a young Mexican couple who spoke very good English.

Collegiate Basilica of Our Lady of Guanajuato is considered one of the most emblematic structures of the City of Guanajuato , Mexico . It is located in the Plaza de la Paz , in front of the plaque that names the center of Guanajuato as a World Heritage Site . It has the distinction of basilica since 1957 and was built between 1671 and 1696 .
"Founded by the Spanish in the early 16th century, Guanajuato became the world's leading silver-extraction centre in the 18th century. This past can be seen in its 'subterranean streets' and the 'Boca del Inferno', a mineshaft that plunges a breathtaking 600 m. The town's fine Baroque and neoclassical buildings, resulting from the prosperity of the mines, have influenced buildings throughout central Mexico. The churches of La Compañía and La Valenciana are considered to be among the most beautiful examples of Baroque architecture in Central and South America. Guanajuato was also witness to events which changed the history of the country."|
UNESCO World Heritage site info - 

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