Feb 10 2018 - New Living Arrangement

A new adventure in living in Mexico started yesterday - 2/9/18 -as I am now living with a young Mexican couple, Manuel and Alleida, who own the casa where I was staying. I am renting a room with them for a month and as described elsewhere in this blog (Guanajuato), it is one of those "sometimes things happen for a reason" types of experiences.

There are also three dogs and a cat here ! All very friendly, and this enhances the whole experience.

Manuel and Alleida speak English very well, and so we are both learning and practicing each other's native tongue. I enjoy their warm hospitality and constant sense of humor.

My room is cozy with a private bathroom, and the house is in the "Pastita" neighborhhood (barrio) which is more modern than other areas of the city of Guanajuato and was originally a large hacienda associated with the silver mining indusry that was at one point the largest in the country.

Museo Olga Costa Jose Chavez

Also this house is very close to a museum, the Museo Olga Costa Jose Chavez , pictured above.
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The map shows a central section of Guanajuato. I live about 5 min (walk) from the Plaza Embahadoras, and then another 10-15 min from the historical center of town. Walking is an everday event as there are so many things to see and do within walking distance. Taxis are only $2.50 to get to further areas of town or to the bus station. The bus to San Miguel de Allende is only $3.99 senior rate and the buses here are all luxury style comfort rides.

There are so many cultural events going on in this city, as well as live strolling mariachis in the Jardins, the central plaza in the heart of the city. Life can easily be seen as an ongoing celebration here, even in between all the fiestas and holidays that are celebrated.

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