Mindfulness in Mexico Part 1

"Can you remember the last time you lay in bed wrestling with your thoughts? You desperately wanted your mind to become calm, to just be quiet, so that you could get some sleep. But whatever you tried seemed to fail. Every time you forced yourself not to think, your thoughts exploded into life with renewed strength. You told yourself not to worry, but suddenly discovered countless new things to worry about. " Williams, Mark. Mindfulness: An Eight-Week Plan for Finding Peace in a Frantic World
It's 2:45am Thursday morning 3/1/18. I woke up with some inspiration and grabbed my Amazon Fire HD tablet. I seem to have a pattern here of waking every two to three hours, and have a lot of dreams. I usually go back to sleep fairly quickly although being up around 2am for an hour is not that uncommon. I just needed to write about this new mindfulness book that I started to read.

Recently I subscribed to Amazon's Kindle Unlimited. It allows you to read books for free that are listed in the program and there are thousands, maybe millions. I have wanted to read more and this is happening.

I have had an interest in mindfulness for some time, although not an expert. I included the word as a keyword in my book 333 Keywords to Change Your Life.

“We teach what we need to learn and write what we need to know.” ~ Gloria Steinem

Now I have some insight into why I wrote the 333 book....I needed to know more about how I perceived the possibilities of the deeper meaning of life using keywords to describe it....or, well, that may be a part of the picture...hey it's almost 3am and this writing right now may be showing me what I need to know about what it is like to write at 3am in the morning ! Clearly some editing may be needed later! An excerpt from my book 333 Keywords to Change Your Life :

“In Asian languages, the word for ‘mind’ and the word for ‘heart’ are the same. So if you’re not hearing mindfulness in some deep way as heartfulness, you’re not really understanding it. Compassion and kindness towards oneself are intrinsically woven into it. You could think of mindfulness as wise and affectionate attention.” ~ Jon Kabat Zinn

"The invitation to the keyword “Mindfulness” is to recognize it as one of the most important keywords in this book as it relates to how we are present with our thoughts, words, actions, and those of others in any given moment. Using affirmations mindfully can enhance the experience and results of mindfulness. Writing your own affirmations and recording them on a CD for your own listening can also be a form of mindfulness and “heartfulness,” as you can be mindful of your own voice saying keywords that you want to use to make positive changes in your life. If we integrate mindfulness into our affirmations and affirmations into our mindfulness, living in the moment of now, consciously creating a newer fresh perspective on life, we will have accomplished a lot. It’s not easy to do every moment, and it is a process, not a destination. Mindfulness is also an endless process of seeking to be aware of what is in the moment and allowing our consciousness to also participate, as well as our mind and heart, without judgment. Like a meditation in motion, mindfulness can be experienced while doing dishes, walking the dog, eating and sharing conversation, and within the world of business."

So Why All the Fuss About Getting Up at 3am to Start Writing About This?
Moving to Mexico as a permanent place to live is a life changing experience. I have been here two months now and thousands have done this before me and I have a lot of resources and support to not only make this work, but to have it be a fun adventure as well as a sacred pilgrimage.So the book that I am reading now that has me so fired up and inspired is by experts in mindfulness.

Adding this 8 week course in mindfulness will enhance this experience in Mexico as well as in my life regardless of location. This is like adding a whole new adventure on top of the one I am already on....so please read this excerpt in the Foreword of this book titled Mindfulness - An 8 Week Plan for Finding Peace in a Frantic World. 
.."To be effective, mindfulness requires an embodied engagement on the part of anyone hoping to derive some benefit from it. Another way to put it is that mindfulness, as Mark Williams and Danny Penman point out, is actually a practice. It is a way of being, rather than merely a good idea or a clever technique, or a passing fad. Indeed, it is thousands of years old and is often spoken of as “the heart of Buddhist meditation,” although its essence, being about attention and awareness, is universal.

The practice of mindfulness has been shown to exert a powerful influence on one’s health, well-being and happiness, as attested to by the scientific and medical evidence presented in this book in a very accessible fashion. However, because it is a practice rather than merely a good idea, its cultivation is a process, one that of necessity unfolds and deepens over time. It is most beneficial if you take it on as a strong commitment to yourself, one that requires a degree of stick-to-it-ness and discipline, while at the same time being playful and bringing to each moment, as best you can, a certain ease and lightness of touch—a gesture of kindness and self-compassion, really."

It's now 3:15am and I am going back to bed. At least I got started on this blog post and got some thoughts and posts down, saved and can revisit later. Buenas noches

Williams, Mark. Mindfulness: An Eight-Week Plan for Finding Peace in a Frantic World (Kindle Location 50). Rodale. Kindle Edition.

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