House-stting a Coastal Retreat

Did this message just come into your email inbox from Magical Mystical Mexico Adventure? Amazing how that works :) This blog post is briefly about a another house-sitting opportunity

Far from any tourist areas and right along a stretch of the coast away from cities, this "adventurers ideal beach retreat" is in Teolan, barely even on the map....near Caleta de Campos. I would have the whole two story house to myself and watch two dogs. July 1 -31.

There would some isolation and although I do enjoy social contacts in Guanajuato, this description that they have of a retreat vibe is fine by me. Besides, I do have the company of two "well-trained well- behaved standard poodles and 2 outdoor cats."

The photo on the listing was so captivating, I immediately messaged the owners and will be interviewing on Skype with them soon.

Besides not having to pay rent for a month, I look forward to being near the ocean. I miss it.

.If I get this amazing house-sitting gig, I will do such a great job for them so that I may be able to come back again when they travel. Such is the case here in San Miguel de Allende, where I am in a large casa until Friday. Then back to Guanajuato for three weeks, then back here in San Miguel March 29-April 17 in the same large casa.

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