The Donkey with the Tequila - A Mexican Wedding Procession

View of a wedding procession from outside the front door of a house that I am staying at in San Miguel de Allende.
Mexico is a fiesta culture.....they celebrate everything here...well almost.....

In San Miguel de Allende,
there are many wedding processions and some that come right down the small cobblestone streets that are very common here. I heard the band playing so I had to go outside, and then saw the procession starting at the top of the street coming towards me....two large figures of colorful paper mache about 10 feet tall were among the crowd, dressed as a bride and groom. It is quite the visual when you first see one of these processions. I have seen a few here in San Miguel, including another one yesterday afternoon.

The bride and groom were surrounded by friends and family and almost everyone had a small ceramic shot glass of Tequila. A donkey was also walking towards the front of the procession with two boxes full of tequila bottles over its back and sides. An important part of the procession for sure.

I saw another wedding procession the next day, so I am combining photos from both.

Both the bride and groom are leading the large group. The tall figurines are also close to the front of the procession, as is the donkey. Tequila servers make sure that glasses are not empty when desired to be full.

There is signing, band music - mariachis playing, laughing, and the type of mood you would expect for a wedding procession.

If you are a tourist and caught in the middle of one of these, stand aside, and don't be too obvious taking photos to respect the dignity of the event. Since I was in my doorway I was not visible by most, so was able to sneak in a few shots. Photos shots, not tequila shots :) Although I am tempted to toast the bride and groom after I get my thoughts and photos down on this page. Stay tuned.

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