Game Changer - Move to Mexico and Change Your Life

La Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel in San Miguel de Allende
"Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now." - William Hutchinson

I was so motivated to change my life by moving to Mexico that I did what many did - research, planning, then sold or gave away all of my "stuff". Books that had been on shelves for years were donated to Goodwill or given to friends as I knew that someone would enjoy reading them. Two tall bookshelves, once emptied, were sold along with other furniture. A fly fishing rod and vintage reel of my fathers were assembled and cast in the parking lot as the buyer tested the imaginary waters.

From the blog post
 "The Amazing Masks of Mexico"
My son saved the day as he needed a car and I was not able to sell my VW Passat. He got the loan and flew down from Chicago to drive the car back. He was able to take everything that I did not want to sell or give away. Family heirloom paintings of my father, family scrapbooks, a 4 ft tall Buddha statue, and other art and special things that I owned. The Buddha is now standing in his living room and he agreed that it created a whole different vibe :).

Each thing that I sold or gave away had its own story. How I obtained it, what purpose it served in my life, and how I sent it on its way and let it go. Then I created a  new chapter in my own story when I flew to Mexico with a one way ticket and a temporary residential visa stamp in my passport. My sole possessions were in a carry-on and a larger check-in bag. I became a "digital nomad".

So I started this blog - A Magical, Mystical Mexico Adventure? - even before I moved to Mexico, and the title reflects how I wanted to describe my experience. And this is at least partially what it has been. It was and continues to be a game changer.  

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- A Sunday Morning Walk in Guanajuato
Hundreds of thousands have already done it. The resources of support on blogs, Facebook groups and websites are in place. Maybe you're at a point in your life where you are ready for the next adventure and it's not happening the way you thought, or it's not affordable, or not enough of a change because after the two week travel journey you're back in the same old same old routines.

Then the idea, or the dream in the middle of the night, or the epiphany while you are worried about your budget, or a friend's blog post, or a nudge from the "Universe" hits you, sometimes like a lightning bolt, and you decide to move to Mexico.

"Life is like a game of chess. Every move you make affects the rest." - these are the only two lines of a poem that I remember writing when I was fifteen.

If life is like a game, how are you playing it? What might cause you to do something that changes the rules? Something that is a "game changer"?

In 2013 I first starting researching the expat lifestyle and began entertaining the idea that there is a whole world out there, and since I have an Internet business (content marketing), that I would be able to do it anywhere, and why not consider the possibilities?  I was sixty two at that time and eligible to receive social security if I wanted to take it early, and between the two sources of income, then it might be doable.

I used to travel extensively in Mexico in my younger years and enjoyed the diversity and culture. I had no idea how I would experience it on such a deeper level after I moved here on December 30 2017.

Being a "digital nomad" appealed to me and I now have the flexibility of where I want to live, or travel to, and talk about minimizing...I don't even use items in my check-in bag. I can live out of my carry-on and have a reliable laptop that I use for business and fun.

From a blog post translated:
"Deep Roots - A History of Guanajuato 
by Jesús Cardiel" 
I have made new friends with expats as well as local Mexicans and can converse with locals in Spanish, enough to be understood.

After living in Mexico for over a year and counting, has it been a game changer? Yes, most definitely, on many levels. If you explore this blog you can read about some of these adventures. Yet there is so much more, such as sharing a moment of laughter with local Mexicans after making a joke in Spanish, sampling some of the exquisite cuisine here that I did not know of before, learning about the culture and practicing the "cortesia" or showing of respect with the language in greetings and compliments, even to strangers. On the welcome page (home page) of this blog is a video by a Mexican film director Willy Sousa. This stunning seven minute video captures the amazing diversity and beauty of this country and its people.

When you embrace this culture and show respect to Mexicans, it becomes a game changer. Your life just might change forever.

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