San Miguel de Allende

The Mystique of San Miguel de Allende
Maybe it is in the air, a distinctive vibe, from hundreds of years of cultural traditions. Maybe it is the influence of  foreign residents and visitors, expats, artists, and the combination of experiences that have happened here that makes this town unique, and loved.

There is definitely a mystique here, a deep reverence for life celebrated by Mexicans as well as expats.

Maybe the description from Lonely Planet provides some clues...

'With its gorgeous colonial architecture, enchanting cobblestone streets and striking light, San Miguel de Allende is rightly one of Mexico's biggest draws and has been popular with aesthetes and romantics for much of the past century. This includes a large population of Americans who either live full time in the town or maintain winter homes here, bringing with them a cosmopolitan atmosphere you'll find in few other Mexican towns."- Lonely Planet
Some who have lived here for many years say the mystique is gone. That there are too many expats, and that it has become too popular, and changed. Others, such as myself, who just moved here are enamored and charmed by this town that we have heard so much about, and are now experiencing  different levels. Yes, the town has changed over the years. Yet I believe the mystique and the magic is still here, in the earth and in memories and in the cumulative stories of all who have lived here or are living here now, and in the souls who are still connected here every day.

When I moved to Mexico on December 30 2017, I began to experience my own story in a whole new way, like a character in a novel writing their own story, and yet also watching as amazing things happen unexpectedly that could not have been written or planned by me. I have met locals and expats and listened to their stories. A new chapter opened up in my life when I moved from Guanajuato to San Miguel de Allende.

There is a mystique here. Everyone experiences it in their own way or not at all, or on different levels. Welcome to San Miguel de Allende. Welcome to Mexico. As expats, may we respect and honor this amazing culture, and show the courtesy to everyone that we meet with a "Buenos Dias", "Buenos Tardes", "Tenga Buen Dia", and other expressions of Spanish that allow us to connect to the local Mexican people. They may respond with a smile, a returned greeting, and the type of feeling that sharing a pleasant moment with an expat can bring.

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