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My Mexican Family Oct 2019

photo - My Mexican family Oct 2019

April 21   2021
Journey to Tolantongo - new blog post


April 10 2021
 I am loving my life here in Mexico. Gulf breezes in the afternoon, Mexican food, the people, and the Gulf coast. My wife and I are celebrating our two year anniversary June 21. We are leaving next week for Tolantongo - a hot springs area with waterfalls and natural rock tubs. We will be staying in a town Ixquiltipan - about 90 minutes drive....but a very nice AirBNB. We are also planning a Temescal experience which is like an ancient Mayan sauna with hot rocks and herbs.

Many still wearing masks even when they don't need to....like walking in the open yard with no one around....I'm still connected to the U.S. with friends and family, Facebook, and other social media. However my daily life is here and my heart is here. The title of this blog is "A Magical Mystical Mexico Adventure".......this is not a travelogue....but a journey in consciousness....the adventure of a lifetime still going strong.

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JANUARY 29 2021

Welcome brave new world. Mexico now considered the third highest in Covid 19 ....life goes on here in Tampico on the Gulf Coast. I am glad I moved here and am no longer living in the USA. A few friends have also shared that they want to move out of the country.

A Goddess is Discovered in Mexico?

A farmer in the area of the Mexico where I live recently discovered a full sized statue that archeologists consider having its roots in the Huastec culture that thrived along the Gulf Coast in Tampico and Veracruz where large rivers meet the Gulf.

December 29 2020

I have been busy writing inspirational blogs and a third book this year. On December 30 2020 it is my anniversary of moving to Mexico three years ago. I love living on the Gulf Coast and being married to the love of my life. Carpe Diem

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June 21 2019

Just married !
I have been blessed with marriage to the amazing woman described below in the April update. My Mexico writing is resuming in the two books that I have been working on for some time now.....one, Expat in Mexico, a Magical, Mystical, Mexico Adventure, based on this blog, is almost ready.....the other, a fiction...Eclipse Over Mexico, is still in the works. I still plan to post on this blog, however it is not a priority right now. Thank you for visiting. May your journey in life be blessed with love, inspiration, joy, and good health!

April 27 2019

I have fallen in love with an amazing Mexican woman (nine months ago) and am living on the Gulf coast. Life is good here. There are no expats here that I know of, although the coastal town has a number of foreign residents. I love the breezes from the Gulf, the amazing fresh seafood here, and other amenities, especially the low cost of living. I am (still, with a long pause) writing two books on Mexico, one non-fiction....for future expats, and one fiction.....yet this writing has been on hold for a few months.....have written a few blogs ......just enjoying life and being in love.....beyond my expectations on this Mexico adventure of living here for the rest of my life. Yes I miss family but  I also have a new family here and it is extensive, very welcoming, and an ongoing adventure in communication in Spanish.

January 27 2019

WOW - a  NEW YEAR in Mexico....I have lived here a year now and renewed my visa for three years.....am working on two books about Mexico, a non-fiction and a novel.....so have stopped writing here......may resume soon......the largest number of views of a post on this blog is 
Coco the Movie a Must Watch if You Like Mexican Culture ...over 2000 views.....since then the movie Roma has won nominations and awards. 

October 6 2018 - Journey to Palenque Part 1 
A visit to an amazing Mayan site 30 years later......

August 1 2018 - Game Changer - Move to Mexico and Change Your Life
a description of my personal journey in moving to Mexico, starting this blog, and providing encouragement to those considering the move.

July 13 
Jesús Cardiel
Deep Roots - A Personal History of GuanajuatoThis is a recorded interview that I did in May 2018 with  Jesús Cardiel, a resident of Guanajuato, friend, and master massage therapist, whose family roots go deep here. His mother's family has lived in Guanajuato for two hundred and thirty years, and on his father's side one hundred and ninety years. Stories have been passed down through generations. This history of Guanajuato combines some stories about his family as well as some history of the city. full story > 

July 3 2018
Why Learning Spanish in Mexico is Important

June 27 2018
Coco the Movie is a "Must Watch" if you like Mexican culture.

June 17 2018

Blog post - link:
The Craziest Day of the Year - in San Miguel de Allende

May 23 2018

The Fiesta of the Valle de Maiz is happening this weekend, and the local paper Atencion has an excellent article about it. full story >  You will need to know Spanish to read it,  however the physical paper has it in English. Also I updated the page San Miguel de Allende with a "Courtyard Ritual" ...and more reflections on being here.

May 5 2018 - Cinco de Mayo - celebrated more in the U.S. than in Mexico, it signifies a victory over the French by Mexico in the battle of Puebla, May 5, 1862. It is not Mexican Independence Day which is celebrated on September 16th.  Today I am moving to San Miguel de Allende. I have visited here several times when I lived in Guanajuato city. I like Guanajuato and have some friends there. Yet I like San Miguel much better.

Article link > Barbarians and Crosses Mark the Month of May in San Miguel - an article by Joseph Toone - owner of Jospeh Toone Tours -Offering unique San Miguel de Allende tours on local traditions and celebrations to groups, or solo adventurers, customized to meet your time, budget, and interests.

May 3 - It was a quiet, peaceful morning in Guanajuato today. Birds singing, roosters waking up. A dog barking. Until the extraordinary explosions from fireworks started, very loud as usual except more than usual. Even the roosters were taken back. Church bells ringing more than usual. Today is a day of celebration for the laborers. Now suddenly it got very quiet. What's next? Welcome to the early morning sounds of Guanajuato, where some parties are loud at 4am for only an hour then quiet down. Where life seems to be part of an ongoing fiesta culture. The fireworks going off for any reason and maybe no reason. Loud fireworks just went off again and the church bells keep ringing.This is Guanajuato. This is Mexico. and I love it here.

A Sunday morning walk in Guanajuato.
Street entertainer looks like bronze statue.
Pours tea when paid. Poses for photos.
April 29 2018
link : A Sunday Morning Walk in Guanajuato

April 14 2018
The Donkey with the Tequila - A Mexican Wedding Procession

3/10/2018 The Amazing Masks of Mexico

3/1/18 Mindfulness in Mexico Part 1 

2/23 Someone shared this video below on one of the Mexico expat Facebook groups.....The following video Mexico in Your Senses is a stunning tribute to the people of Mexico, their vibrant culture and their traditions. I loved watching it and I hope you will also.

Then a stunning night shot of Guanajuato with tops of the Basilica and the University.

I am living with a very nice Mexican couple as described in the Guanajuato Tab. Even though I am renting a room, the lower cost is well worth the trade off for now. Eventually, I will get my own place but may travel the country a bit first and also do some housesitting for free rent.

I am housesitting in San Miguel de Allende March 3-9th, then again March 29-April 17, and will not be paying rent then.

After that I have my original casa again with the master bedroom on the third level with a view. I will have roomies but that is a part of the fun to meet new people and share ideas and stories.

The hot months are coming up and I am debating as to how long I will be at the Casa Perros in Guanajuato. I may want to get down to the coast if I can find a good rental setup off season.

Journey to Tolantongo - A Mexico Travel Adventure

I had heard about Tolantongo from a friend when I lived in San Miguel De Allende, Mexico in 2018 (after moving to Mexico on December 30, 201...